Board Disclosures

The leadership of Bladder Cancer has disclosed the following information in keeping with the journal's disclosure policy.

Seth P. Lerner, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Advisory Board: FerGene, Pfizer. BMS, Incyte
Consultant: Vaxiion, Verity, Protara, C2i Genomics, Ferring, Aura Bioscience, Surge Therapeutics
Clinical Trials: Genentech (SWOG), Vaxiion, Endo, FKD, JBL (SWOG), Merck (Alliance), Aura Bioscience, Surge Therapeutics, QED Therapeutics
Licenses/Patents: TCGA Classifier
Other: UroToday (honoraria), IOS Press (editorial responsibilities, compensated), co-editor bladder cancer section UpToDate, Grand Rounds Urology (Honoraria)

Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief
Consultant: Machavert, Merck, Urogen
Honoraria: Machavert, Merck, Urogen
Licenses/Patents: University of Colorado
Research Support: None
Stockholder in: None
Other: IOS Press (editorial responsibilities, compensated)

Hikmat A. Al-Ahmadie, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant: AstraZeneca, Paige.AI

Andrea B. Apolo, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Piyush K. Agarwal, MD, Associate Editor
Advisory Board (paid):  AURA, Verity, UROGEN, Janssen, AstraZeneca, PeerView, Nonagen Therapeutics.

Rebecca Johnson, MPH, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Joaquim Bellmunt, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Consultant or Advisory Role: Pierre Fabre, Astellas Pharma, Pfizer, Merck, Genentech, Novartis, AstraZeneca/MedImmune, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Research Funding: Millennium, Sanofi, Pfizer/EMD Serono
Stocks: Rainier
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses: Pfizer, MSD Oncology, Ipsen

Karim Chamie, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Urogen Pharma, ImmunityBio
Research Funding: Urogen Pharma, Merck
Speaker: BMS
Advisory Board: Urogen Pharma, BMS, ImmunityBio

David J. DeGraff, PhD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Lars Dyrskjøt, PhD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Ferring, MSD, UroGen
Speaker Honoraria: AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Roche
Clinical Trials: Roche
Other Research Support: C2i Genomics, Natera, Ferring, AstraZeneca, Photocure
Travel support: MSD
Board member: BioXpedia

Jason A. Efstathiou, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Blue Earth Diagnostics, Boston Scientific, AstraZeneca
Scientific Advisory Board: Merck, Myovant Sciences, Roivant Pharma, Progenics, Janssen

Bishoy M. Faltas, MD, Associate Editor
Honoraria: Springer Nature, UroToday
Clinical Trials: Eli-Lilly

Thomas Flaig, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Seattle Genetics, Janssen Oncology
Clinical Trials: Novartis,Bavarian Nordic, Dendreon, GTx, Janssen Oncology, Medivation, Sanofi, Pfizer, Bristol-Myer's Squibb, Seattle Genetics, Merck, Roche/Genentech, Exelixis, Aragon Pharmaceuticals, Tokai Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca/MedImmune, Lilly, Astellas Pharma, Agensys, La Roche-Posay
Other: Leadership: Aurora Oncology
Licenses/Patents: University of Colorado - 2 bladder cancer therapeutics (not in clinical trial)
Stockholder: Aurora Oncology

Donna Hansel, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Consultant: AstraZeneca, Merck, Janssen
Other Research Support: Konica Minolta
Other: Genentech, AstraZeneca, Taris

Arndt Hartmann, MD, Associate Editor
Advisory Board: BMS, MSD, Roche, Cepheid, Qiagen, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, Agilent, Lilly, Phäon
Consultant: BMS, MSD, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abbvie, Cepheid, Nanostring, Illumina, Qiagen, Biontech, Janssen, 3D Histotech, Diaceutics
Clinical Trials: Janssen, Cepheid, AstraZeneca, Roche
Speaker Honoraria: BMS, MSD, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abbvie, Janssen, Pfizer
Other Research Support: Illumina, Cepheid, Biotech, Roche, Janssen, Nanostring AstraZeneca

Anne Kiltie, MA, DM, DSc, Associate Editor
Research Funding: NHS Grampian Endowments Fund. Friends of ANCHOR

Nathan Lawrentschuk, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Clinical Education: Device Technologies Australia (robotic surgery)
Consultant: Boston Scientific
Research Funding: Astra Zeneca

Yair Lotan, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant or Advisory Role: Nanorobotics, C2I genomics, Photocure, Astra-Zeneca, Merck, Fergene, Abbvie, Nucleix, Ambu, Seattle Genetics, Hitachi, Ferring Research, verity pharmaceutics, virtuoso surgical, Stimit, Urogen, Vessi medical, CAPs medical, Xcures, BMS, Nonagen, Aura Biosciences, Inc., Convergent Genomics, Pacific Edge, Pfizer, Phinomics Inc, CG oncology, Uroviu, On target lab
Stock options: Vessi Medical, CAPs medical, C2I genomics, Nanorobot, Phinomics Inc, Uroviu

S. Bruce Malkowicz, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Pacific Edge
Clinical Trial Investigator: Merck

Surena F. Matin, MD, Associate Editor
Speaker: Ology Education, Urogen (ended Sep 2020)
Consultant: Urogen (ended Sep 2020), Simon, Kucher and partners (ended Jan 2020)

David McConkey, PhD, Associate Editor
Grant Support: Astra-Zeneca, Rainier Pharmaceuticals
Honoraria: Janssen, H3 Biomedicine, Rainier Pharmaceuticals

Edward M. Messing, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Matt Milowsky, MD, Associate Editor
Research Funding: Merck, Roche/Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astellas Pharma, Clovis Oncology, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Mirati Therapeutics, Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Syndax, Incyte, Seagen, Amgen, Regeneron, Arvinas, Pfizer, Innocrin, Johnson & Johnson
Consultant (honoraria paid to institution): Asieris

Valeria Panebianco, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Francisco X. Real, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Research Funding: Janssen

Bas W.G. van Rhijn, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Advisory Board Meetings: QED Therapeutics (2021-June)
Incyte International Biosciences (2022-Oct.)

Gottfrid Sjödahl, PhD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Mark S. Soloway, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Cora N. Sternberg, MD, Associate Editor
Consultant: Pfizer, Merck Ga, MSD, AstraZeneca, Astellas Pharma, Sanofi -Genzyme, Roche/Genentech, Immunomedics now Gilead, Amgen, Clovis Oncology, Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Seattle Genetics, Impact Therapeutics, Janssen, Foundation Medicine, UroToday, Medscape

George Thalmann, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to declare

Xue-Ru Wu, MD, Associate Editor
Nothing to disclose

Alexandre R. Zlotta, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
Consultant: AstraZeneca, Ferring, Janssen, Sanofi, Verity Pharma, Merck

Last updated: Jun 27, 2023