Pre-Press, Proofs and Reprints


This journal publishes all its articles in the IOS Press Pre-Press module. The pre-press articles are the corrected proof versions of the article and are published online shortly after the proof is created and author corrections implemented. Pre-press articles are fully citable by using the DOI number. As soon as the pre-press article is assigned to an issue, the final bibliographic information will be added. The pre-press version will then be replaced by the updated, final version.

The corresponding author will receive a PDF proof and is asked to check this proof carefully (the publisher will execute a cursory check only). Corrections other than printer's errors, however, should be avoided. Costs arising from such corrections will be charged to the authors.

The corresponding author of a contribution to the journal receives a complimentary author’s copy (watermarked) PDF of their published article. The PDF is automatically sent to the corresponding author after the article is published in an issue. This PDF is for personal use only. For information, see the IOS Press article sharing policy.

Free copies will not be provided for conference proceedings and abstract issues.

An order form for a watermark-free PDF file for publication in repositories will be provided along with the PDF proof via the contact form on the IOS Press website or email the publisher at:

An author is entitled to 25% discount on IOS Press books. See Author's Discount (25%) on all IOS Press book publications.